How to use an Aircast knee cryo cuff with IC cooler?

Knee pain is one of the most agonising conditions that we face in our life. At times it seems easy to get rid of your old car than the knee pain. Although you will find different treatmentsand brands available in the market but nothing can beat the cold therapy by using Aircast knee cryo-cuff.

We do not always visit the doctor but when we do, the condition becomes very serious. The same thing happens with knee pain too; when you cannot bear the pain at all then you pay the doctor a visit in search of immediate recovery. Doctors usually suggest their patients to one of these cuffs, especially to the patients who are in the post-knee surgery stage.

After knee surgery when people become busy to show their gratitude to God for sparing their leg from getting trimmed, you may actually witness some pain or swelling on your knee. Thus, cold compression theory becomes the treatment procedure that you need and it is best delivered by Aircast Knee Cryo Cuffs. Why Aircast? The reason is simple; Aircast is the most trustworthy brand of cryo-cuffs available on the market.

What type of Cryo-cuff do you need to choose?

Yes, that is really a very big question that you should be asking yourself before buying a cryo-cuff. But it depends on the intensity of pain that you are feeling. If your pain is too intense and you are having great ideas like trimming your leg a little then you should probably go for the cryo cuff knee with a motorised IC cooler.

Why? The reason is simple to facilitate a faster recovery from a knee replacement operation. Who wants to be down with a sore knee when you can get rid of the pain? The cryo cuff with the IC cooler may be a bit expensive than the other knee cryo cuffs but that does not matter when you are willing to run away from the pain with a sore knee.

The Aircastcryo cuff with IC cooler comes with a small motorised electric pump fitted in the lid of the cooler that facilitates automated flow of super cool water along with a sporadic pulsating air pressure. Thus it provides your knee with the comfort when it has got no chill. The auto-chill system of this type of cryotherapy allows your knee to swell less thereby aggravating the recovery speed.

In what sizes are these Aircast knee cryo cuffs available?

Like human beings come in all sizes, the cryo cuffs can also be availed in three different sizes.

  • Small: 25 to 48 centimetres or 10 to 19 inches.
  • Medium: 46 to 58 centimetres or 18 to 23 inches.
  • Large: 51 to 79 centimetres or 20 to 31 inches.

To understand the size of the cuff that will be most helpful for you, measure the circumference of the thigh approximately 6 inches above your aching knee.

How to use an Aircast knee cryo cuff with IC cooler?

If you have learnt how to drive a car then learning to use the knee cryo cuff will not be a problem for you. Just follow the steps given below to get a break from the intense pain:

  1. You need to do the first thing first and that is to make the cooler ready for use. Just attach the blue tube with the cooler; pour some icy cold water into it up to the line of indication; close it air tight; wait for few minutes and your cooler will be ready for use.
  2. The next step is much simpler. Just strap the cuff around your knee and connect the other end of the blue tube with the air vent of the cooler.
  1. Next thing you need to do is to place the cooler 15-20 inches higher than your cuff ridden knee and keep it there until your cuff is filled with ice water. No, you cannot skip this step; the reason? If you are using a Gravity cooler! If you are using an IC cooler just hook the cord in the lid of the cooler into the wall and let the motor do the rest for you.
  1. Sit on your couch; sip some wine and enjoy the chilly ride.

Are the knee cryo cuffs worth buying?

 Deep inside you know how much you can trust the cuffs.It is the best thing that you can get to get rid of your knee pain. They are simple to use and more effective than ice packs. Moreover, they allow less swelling and dissipate the pain very fast. A little expensive but one item you will love to have in your cupboard, if you are tired or have a stressed leg just strap your cuff and give your knee pain a goodbye kick.

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